Photograph by  Kate Adair

Photograph by Kate Adair

Nicole Eiden

Nicole is an award-winning poet and filmmaker whose work captures the challenges and beauty of ordinary life. She arrived in New Orleans in 1999 from Columbus, Ohio and, though she has never looked to go back, her writing reveals she does often look back. She holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in film from the University of New Orleans and a Bachelor of Communications degree in video production from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. Additionally, Nicole co-owns Windowsill Pies, a Southern-style pie and tart company and shares a shotgun house with her husband and young daughter.



3rd place for “Mortgage"  
Women’s National Book Association Writing Contest, 2016

La Cuoca (the cook) - CINE Golden Eagle Award
Neil and the Nun - Silver Award - Pelican d’Or Short Film Festival
Best Narrative Short - Ozone Film Festival
Honorable Mention - 52nd Columbus International Film Festival


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