This house that we built is lovely
Here, I sleep next to you every night

Remember when we were unfamiliar.  I had a plump life
you had a plump life

we were busy with our things
we tried to be loved by other people

Remember that messy life


But then, as they say, we got together
we had sex everyday

Who knew when I would ask the wrong question
The instant you would turn dull

But you weren’t scared of scrambled eggs
You were keen to walk the dog

And now here we are every night


It’s after midnight, sapped from balancing plates, people all night for cash
Exhausted from nailing floorboards and keeping hair off the tub

My calves ache and I don’t want to give
It’s the end of the month is there enough for the mortgage

I want to buy a hardback atlas, the book that split
the Germanys, took me to the USSR

pressed my kindergarten watercolors   proved
my humble town existed

The atlas is $80
But we need toothpaste
I want to see a movie – can’t, can’t, there’s not enough
it’s the end of the month

I move away from you.  Find your own dinner.
Do you want something or are you just hugging me good night?


The 1st comes – we pay the mortgage, another month
You reach out again.  Your hand says Come here

All weighty words fall second to the comfort we create
I don’t wonder what you want.  I quickly kiss you hard.